3 Things I Will Never...


As a boutique owner I quite often get called a "boutique fashionista"...haha not sure if I am all that however I will let you in a little secret of 3 things you will NEVER EVER, let me repeat, NEVER EVER find in our boutique. So why....yes, I'm happy to share with you why.

I will quickly get to each one so let me sum it up overall really quickly...ladies, we are sophisticated and graceful so just why, why, why would you ever want to wear any of these awful fashion trends???? The majority of our demo makes up women 35-70. So basically, just NO, NO, NO! Fashion is beautiful and these styles just don't work for us and are in fact, are just awful and are not flattering! I apologize if I offend anyone but I just can't and you shouldn't either. But as a disclaimer, you can if you love them, they just aren't for me. 

#1 OVERALLS. These need to be left in the 90's. I don't care if you are stuck in the 90's...just don't. As Stephen King once wrote in “Pet Sematary,” “sometimes dead is better.” Overall this trend is pretty frustrating and yes, dead as much as I am concerend! They are not flattering and need to be left on the farm!!! Sorry but not sorry!

What I recommend instead: Choose a stylish romper. These come in so many styles and colors and are actually very flattering on tall and short women. I love these because of the flexibility to dress them up or down.





#2 BELLBOTTOMS. I know we are all about the 70's revival and it's in full swing but I just can't get on-board. I don't know if it's that I am short but mostly it's because I don't think they are that flattering. I'm not talking about a little bit of flare, I'm talking about the BIG old flare from the 70's. Unless you are dressing up for halloween from someone from the 70's...just don't!

What I recommend instead: Go with a funky but classic look like our distressed jeans with grommets. This line is from Italy and they style is impeachable!




#3 TUBE/TINY TOPS. I recently read an article and it said women should stop wearing these by 34, and yes, I totally agree. Most women have had kids by 34 and our abs are just not the same as when we were in our 20's. It's not flattering and seriously, who wants to hold their stomach in that long to wear a style that's just not that hot??? Ouch, that's starts to hurt! HAHA.

What I recommend instead: Go with something much more flattering like a beautiful blouse and do the cute little front tuck. You will look so much more graceful and classy. Try this look:

Lovely ladies, I love fashion and I adore you! Please don't take offense to any of this, these are just my fashion opinions and if you know me well, you know I always want you to feel beautiful in your own skin! 

Be Confident. Be Beautiful. Be You.




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