It's the Time of Year to Be Grateful!

Christmas is quickly approaching and despite what most may think and feel, we have tons to celebrate! Let me start with our health and of course our friends and family! Christmas is a time to reflect and be thankful.

Yes, it’s been a trying year, devastating for some, so as Christmas approaches, how can we end it with gratitude, whatever our circumstances? I confess that I don’t react well when I’m in an emotionally bleak or dissatisfied place and friends suggest that I write a gratitude list or think of things to be thankful for. But that’s my first response. Then I calm down, take the suggestion on board, take out pen and paper and do exactly that. I can easily put together my list, but can you, and you can build on yours when you really dig deep and soul search!

So one thing on my list to be grateful is owning a shop here in downtown Grapevine. It’s quite simply, magical this time of year! So when I say you can dig deeper, owning a shop on main street is just one item on my list but when I go deeper I can so easily go from appreciation to huge gratitude as to what this small town has to offer! Here are some reasons why you should fall more in love with this little town!

#1 It's more merry in Grapevine, the Christmas Capital of Texas! Grapevine is the perfect place to create wonderful Christmas memories with your family and friends. You'll be amazed at 40 days of Christmas events, as you see Grapevine sparkle with millions of lights, enormous decorations, animated characters and much more!

#2 The Christmas lights are just magical this time of year, every shop is twinkling and every corner is decked out in the holiday spirit! The best part is it is free and fun for the entire family!

#3 The shops in downtown Grapevine are all mom and pop owned and the best part is you can find anything and everything you are looking for….and probably a lot more! Remember when you support these local shops, you are supporting not only supporting the owners but you are supporting dreams!

#4 The history here in Grapevine runs deep! Did you know the first recorded settlement in what would become the modern city occurred in the late 1840s and early 1850s? Wow!

#5 Have you ever wondered how Grapevine got it’s name? Grapevine, whose name is derived from the local wild mustang grapes, originated in 1844 as a settlement in the Republic of Texas. One year earlier, General Sam Houston had met with representatives of 10 Native American Nations at Grape Vine Springs where they signed the Treaty of Bird’s Fort. This agreement opened the Grape Vine Prairie to homesteaders just one year before the territory was annexed by the United States of America.

#6 Did you know why Grapevine is called the Christmas Capital of Texas? 2009 the Senate of Texas made this proclamation and as far as I am concerned, the town lives up to this declaration!

As you can see I can go on an on with my list of reasons to be grateful for this little town we call Grapevine, TX! In the end, I recommend you take some time to just sit and think about all the greatness in your life! Negativity comes easy but finding gratitude can be harder, especially during a year that has been so hard for so many!

So yes, it’s been a rough year however I have chosen gratitude and happiness above everything else. I have learned to appreciate trials, learning lessons and overall good things that 2020 has brought us.

Above all, choose happiness & be thankful for another day you have to live here on earth and of course have a little foot print in this tiny town we all call Grapevine....but I think it should be called Gratefulvine! 



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