Sometimes We Get a Wild Idea....

and if you know our team (which is growing YAY), then you know we are  all "go-getters", so in this case, we went for it! Our FOR REAL motto is #GETSH$TDONE!!! So we said, why not just hold hands, say a little pick me up and all jump off the mountain together!?!?

So the back story to all of this is that this week was kinda of a down week, but for reasons I don't want to explain right now...however something BIG was brewing for our little boutique and it didn't work out exactly as planned but hey, so in life we were told "yes" every time we wanted something, then what's the meaning of true accomplishments??? Life is not about everyone getting the trophy or everything being isn't fair but what it is about is opportunities and going for them!

So the next chapter begins.....

So we regrouped and decided to go back to our roots and are opening a POP-UP shop during the month's of Nov & Dec 2020 in Phenix Salon Suites, Colleyville, which if you are from the OG HMB girls then you will automatically know this is where we started our little boutique. So, I know you are thinking..."why" ....well we have a ton of clients who live in Colleyville and the surrounding areas who love the idea of popping in for a quick gift or gifting themselves. What's great is there is no need to worry about traveling to downtown Grapevine to fight the holiday crowds because you will have the total convenience of popping into your favorite boutique with no crowds and an ample  amount parking! What's better is the POP-UP shop will have unique items you will only find in this location plus lots of great accessories, new items from our couture line and small holiday gifts. WIN-WIN!

So in the end, life has rewards, accomplishments and some set backs, which are measured very different by each individual, therefore if we aren't able to be nimble or ready for the downs, then we are only hurting ourselves. I've had the opportunity to mentor other entrepreneur women and one thing I tell them is to run your own race at your own pace and just keep swimming and NEVER compare yourselves to your other competitors because the space you are in right this very moment is not the same space they are....keep chasing your dreams!  So today I'm taking my own advice and I'm in my own race and I'm in it to win it!

xoxo, Mo

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