The Gift of Shift Book

The Gift of Shift Book

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"With The Gift of Shift, Tracey and Ann invite us to find ourselves inside genuine stories of awakening to the magical current of synchronicities, hope and deeper meanings that exist all around us, at all times. A beautiful compilation of anecdotes and narratives that reads like a sincere invitation to come back home to what really matters."
- Anne Bérubé, PhD., bestselling inspirational author of Be Feel Think Do

If life is weighing you down, feels out of control, keeping you stuck in the pain and emotion of your experiences, or you are simply wanting more out of life, then it's time for a shift...

In The Gift of Shift, Tracey and Ann share a collection of short, personal and sometimes intimate stories to illustrate and inspire mindset change through increasing personal awareness and claiming the power of choice.

These pages have been written to make it easy for you to choose change. It has been designed for you to journal your responses to thoughtful, introspective questions following each story to motivate making shift happen for yourself.