How to Style Doc Martens Right Now!

Combat boots are really having a moment lately! Especially the lug sole style boot, i.e. the rubber sole with indentations/grooves for maximum grip. I'll admit, it took me a while to come back around to this highly popular trend - because it brought me back to my high school days!. However, now I am hooked! I wanted to go with a pair of Doc Martens and I quickly found and bought these from DSW! Ever since finding them, I have hardly had them off my feet! Are you like me and wanting to try the combat boot trend but a little unsure how to pull them off? Then this post is for you! I'm sharing all about how to wear combat boots from casual to dressy!

So now I have you curious and wondering how to wear combat boots to fit your style: 

1. The easiest way is to first embrace the style is with leggings - it's by far the easiest my favorite and the easiest way – style your combat boots with leggings!! When temperatures drop everyone loves leggings! 

2. Grab a pair of statement tights and pair with your favorite dress or romper! This will really take your look up from simple to whoa, super fashionable! 

3. Do you love layers? Grab a flowy top and a jacket and dropped the ankle boots and opt for a totally different look!

4. Did you say, Rocker Chick? Yes, get a little edgy with some distressed jeans and black biker jacket and you are ready to make a statement! 

So to sum it up, If you've already tried this trend and are loving it, then keep being awesome and incredibly fashionable. If you are still on the fence, go grab and inexpensive pair and try it out, possibly start with a more conservative approach with your styles and stick with the leggings and a long sweater....but here's a no time you will be rocking this trend and taking chances on it and soaking up all the compliments. 


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