About Us


Welcome to House of Mo Boutique! From a very young age, I was a child who LOVED fashion and ironically had my sense of style! I loved my rabbit fur coat (I still have - eek!), Jordache jeans and my cowboy boots - and yes, all at the same time!

I grew up in N. Richland Hills, went to college in Texas and then moved to NYC to pursue my marketing career. I fell in love with the City, especially the unique items I found in small clothing boutiques sprinkled throughout the city!

Several years later, I moved back to Texas to raise my family and continue my marketing career. In the Spring of 2017, I launched a small online clothing boutique which quickly gained popularity and by early 2018, I was blessed with the opportunity to open a small boutique in Colleyville, TX. When this happened, I finally felt that I had found my passion, and the rest is history!!! 

But wait....there is more to our story!!! In May of 2019 we were presented with an oportunity to move our store from Colleyville to Downtown Grapevine....so we took a giant leap of faith and we opened in July in our beautiful new Grapevine location...so stay tuned as our story continues to unfold!!!

One of the frequent questions people ask me is how do I select and stock my inventory? It's easy, I listen and learn what my customers like, and then I handpick trendy, boutique-style clothing and accessories and offer them the convenience of shopping either in the boutique or from their own home at incredible prices!

My goal is to provide you with the latest trends at budget-friendly prices and ensure that you’re going to be happy with your purchases! How do I do this? I wear everything I purchase for the boutique! If I do not like the look or fabric, or if I wouldn’t wear it, I don’t put it in the boutique!

I love what I do and my "WHY" and goal for what I do every day is to empower women with the confidence to feel and look beautiful in their own skin.


XOXOX, Monica (Mo)

Meet the Team: